The Madoc Agricultural Society a not for profit organization aimed at bridging the gap between rural and urban lifestyles and is dedicated to preserving and maintaining the rural legacy of the society. Volunteers from the community make up the board and membership. The Agricultural Society is always grateful for volunteers.


   Madoc Agricultural Society Board 

   President: Matt Tebworth

Treasurer: Elaina Pauls

 Secretary: Jennifer Reid


                                       1.Grounds          Ron Devolin                      8. Motorsport               Dustin Miller

                                       2.Media                                                        9. Entertainment          Colby Love

                                       3.Vendor             Darlene Merrick              10. Gates                       Carol Tebo

                                       4.Livestock          Matt Tebworth                 11. Ambassador            Darla Downey

                                       5.Horse              Clare Downey                  12. Advertising             Chris McCrimmon          

                                       6.Homecraft        Carol Paranuik                13. Financial Director    Cathy Lees 

                                       7.Food Booth      Brooke Berry                                                         


First 50 Years
  • On May 30th 1905, a meeting was held to organize the Madoc Agricultural Society. The District Fair consisted of the Townships of Madoc, Elzevir, Huntingdon, Hungerford, Marmora and Rawdon. By June there were 90 members. The Fall Fair was held Sept 14 & 15 on rented property on the Old Marmora Road, on the Rodgers property, one-half mile south of the village in Huntingdon Township.
  • In 1906, The new Madoc & District Agricultural Society included the Townships of Madoc, Elzevir, Huntingdon, Grimsthorpe, Tudor, Cashel, Limerick, Wollaston, and the village of Madoc.
  • In 1922 under the able leadership of President John C. Smith, the property known as the “Charles Farm” was purchased from  J.R. Robinson for $3,000.00. This consisted of 49 acres north-east of the village of Madoc, located in The Township of Madoc. Many volunteers built a half-mile race track, ticket office, secretary’s office, judge’s stand, foundations for a 60-foot by 36-foot exhibit building, a poultry building and prepared livestock sheds.
  • At the annual meeting in 1931 Mr. Samuel Rollins was thanked for the fine gift to the Society of a beautiful building intended for the display and competitions of fruit, dairy products and roots.
  • Next 50 Years
  • In 1955 the gate receipts topped the $2,700 mark and the money paid out in prizes amounted to $2,100.
  •  It was decided to organize a  ladies’ division in 1961. R.N. Broad was President and R.A. Woods was Secretary.
  • Built in 1966 the swine barn was used as an assembly area for the Hog Marketing Board. 
  • In 1976 the Municipality of Centre Hastings built the Arena.
  •  In 1986 a new Bandstand was erected in honor of Francis Tobin.
  • A new Show Ring was constructed in 1989, and in 1990 a new Demolition Derby Ring to the south of the Arena.They moved the Sheep Barn to its new location in 1993. 
  • A commemorative stone was engraved and placed in a flower bed at the Main Gate Entrance to celebrate our 100th year in 2005.
  • 100 Years Plus
  • Maguire’s Motocross Racing Series (M.M.R.S.) has been a welcome asset to our fairgrounds since 2010. Officially opening the 5 km track in 2013.