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Class 42 Maple Products

Class 45 Agricultural

Class 60 Horticulture

Class 61 Baking

Class 62Canning

Class 63 Needle Crafts

Class 64 & 65 Rugs, Quilts

 Class 65 Golden Age

Class 66 Creative Crafts

CLASS 67 Amateur ONLY Photography

Class 500Junior Works

Class 501 JW Horticulture

 Registration Form

*All articles for the home-craft division must be on the grounds by 11 o’clock Friday and must be picked up between 3.30pm and 4:00pm Sunday


*All exhibitors winning prize money must make out a  list of winnings and send to treasurer within 10 days after the exhibition is held

             Rules & Regulations

  1. All Entries must be registered at the office prior to any competition. For those who have difficulty placing homecraft exhibits in the fair Friday morning, the exhibit building will be open from 7pm to 8:30pm on Thurs

2.ENTRY TAGS CAN BE PICKED UP AT:  Kelly’s Flowers and Gifts, Johnston’s Pharmacy and Home Hardware. Exhibitors with more than 10 items may phone Elaina Pauls at 705-648-4873 for an exhibitor number

3.Fee for associate membership – $6 which is required for exhibiting.


5.. No article to compete for more than one prize

6.Any persons interfering with the judges while in the discharge of their duties will forfeit prizes

7.Any person exhibiting roots, vegetables, fruits, domestic manufacturer’s and ladies’ work must be the bonafide grower or maker.

8.Members will be allowed to exhibit as many articles as they wish in accordance with rules 5 & 10

10.No person will be allowed to enter for exhibition more than one specimen in a section. 

11.No sacks, bags or items for exhibit will be admitted with marks, names or initials on them, whereby owner may be known.

12.All protests are to be made to the secretary within two days with a fee of $25, said fee to be forfeited to the society if the protest is not sustained.                                                                     

13. No articles exhibited shall be removed from the grounds or taken down from the hall until 3:30 pm of the third day of the show. Any person doing so without permission shall forfeit all prize money.      

14.In the absence of competition in any class or if articles exhibited are of inferior quality, the judges are instructed to award only such premium they think the article deserves. They will exercise their discretion as to whether they will award first, second, third or any premium.

                O.A.A.S. (Ontario Associations of Agricultural Societies) Fair Homecraft Competitions:
                        links to district & provincial home craft competitions criteria and rules